In general ppTMS protocols usually require two stimulators connected to one coil.
The PowerMAG ppTMS is a stand-alone rTMS device to allow 
various ppTMS protocols and therapeutic rTMS protocols 
within one machine by using actively recharging between conditioning (S1) and test pulse (S2). 

  • No second device or "option" needed thanks to MAG & More´s ppTMS technology
  • Powerful rTMS and ppTMS with bi-phasic pulses in one device
  • Pulse pairs (ISI as low as 1 ms) at high intensities (sub-/suprathreshold)
  • In 0,1 ms steps adjustable pulse pairs (ISI)
  •  Adjustable intensity of conditioning (S1) and test pulse (S2)
  • Max output 30 Hz (100%)
  • Max output 100 Hz (70%)
  • Full wave, diagnosis pulse
  • Short ppTMS > 1ms
  • Long ppTMS > 10 ms
  • rTMS protocols
  • Train protocols
  • TBS protocols
  • Ramp protocols
  • EEG
  • MEP
  • Multi channel TMS
  • Navigation
  • External control